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Remote sensing Techniques That A<1 is the response to solar heating - (1-A) must be re-emitted in the infra-red as the thermal flux from the body. To measure the total flux from a body at all angles is not so easy in practice. If we define the phase angle, phi, as the angle formed by the path sun-satellite-observer, then we see we will be restricted for all bodies in orbit beyond Earth's to a small range of angles - the further out the more restricted. Thus the range of observable phase angles at Uranus is only +/- 3 degrees! Given that the observed flux at phase angle phi is F phi , the phase integral is definethe phase integral is defined as: A Lambert surface is a diffuse perfect reflector at all wavelengths. Then p, the geometric albedo is defined as: p = amount of scattered radiation ____________________________ amount of radn. from a Lambert body where the actual and Lambert surface have the same cross-sectional area. Then A=pq. A rough surface is one that multiply scatters light. A rough dark surface will have well-defined
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