Saturn4 - The atomic hydrogen torus seems to come from...

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Saturn's magnetosphere We can again compare and contrast Saturn's magnetosphere with those of earth and Jupiter. We have the familiar magnetospheric cavity bounded by the magnetopause, and a bow shock. Saturn's magnetic field, however, is symmetric about the spin axis and very near the centre of mass, giving a very symmetric magnetosphere, which does not "flap about" like Jupiter's. The fact that the magnetic field dipole seems to be aligned along Saturn's spin axis is itself very interesting since theories of magnetic dipole formation normally produce the off-axis morphology. Th efact it is so symmetric suggests that Saturn's field could be decaying or in the process of reversing! The dipole strength is about 35 times less than Jupiter's (20 x less field density).
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Unformatted text preview: The atomic hydrogen torus seems to come from Titan, which is also a source of Nitrogen. The H 2 torus is probably from water ice in the rings. The plasmasheet is produced by plasma leakage from the belts which are not shown on the figure. In the inner part of the system the charged particle distribution is controlled by the presence of the rings and the inner satellites: From Rhea to Mimas the protons arem Rhea to Mimas the protons are soaked up but the electrons continue to diffuse across if drifting at the satellite orbital rates or a harmonic. Inside the orbit of Mimas nearly all the particles have energies around 1.6MeV. Around and inside ring A there are no particles at all since they are all absorbed....
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Saturn4 - The atomic hydrogen torus seems to come from...

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