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Testing Astrology - Testing Astrology Usually, those who...

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Testing Astrology Usually, those who seek out astrologers just want some guidance of any kind. If they feel the horoscope interpretation was prepared just for them, then they will find agreement with reality. Astrology cannot be proven wrong—testable predictions cannot be made because if someone is already convinced of the validity of the horoscope or astrologer's prediction, they will use their natural creativity to "fill in the gaps" and to make sense of contradictions: to reinterpret the prediction to fit what happened. As an example of this, consider reading your horoscope (it is in the entertainment section of my local newspaper) in the morning. It tells you that "you're going to have a bad day—the 'stars' are not aligned for you today—so watch out!" You drive to work or school and when your light turns green, someone in the cross traffic runs through their red light. The horoscope is coming true! You continue on and someone very rudely cuts right in front of you. You think your horoscope
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