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The Scientific Method - The Scientific Method Science is...

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The Scientific Method Science is based on the "Scientific Method." It has three steps which are usually repeated many times in succession. These steps are: 1. Make Observations. The observations are often called "facts", but that doesn't mean they are always correct. 2. Propose a Theory. A theory or hypothesis is a proposed explanation of the observations. 3. Use the Theory to Predict Future Observations. o To be scientific, the theory must be able to predict the outcome of a future observation. o Falsification refers to the possibility that the theory will be disproven if the prediction fails. o Theories which makes no verifiable predictions are not scientific, even though they might be correct explanations. Note that while a scientific theory can be disproven by any one experiment, it can never be proven true, because a new falsification experiment might prove it false. Thus, all scientific results are provisional and not believed to be absolutely true.
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