The Uranian System

The Uranian System - Neptune Neptune also has a large...

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The Uranian System The Uranian system has its own peculiarities due to the large inclination of Uranus' spin axis. This is combined with a large separation between the spin axis and Uranian magnetic dipole: The magnetic moment is about 1/10 of Saturn's. The dipole axis M is aligned 58.6 degrees from the rotational axis, which is itself near the planet's orbital plane. (The satellites on the whole are in the planet's equatorial plane and so also move in orbits cutting the ecliptic virtually at right angles.) This peculiar set-up obviously means the field configuration "flaps around" a lot, complicating the trapping of the particles. Absorption of particles on the satellites further complicates this picture. Uranus is also a radio-emitter like Jupiter and Saturn, so there are energetic wave-particle interactions taking place in the magnetosphere.
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Unformatted text preview: Neptune Neptune also has a large magnetosphere, though the fact the planet's spin plane is more conventionally neane is more conventionally near the ecliptic means it is nothing like as exotic as Uranus, with far less surprising features. Comets Since comets have a large ionised environment that accompanies them - at least close in near the Sun, they have a complex, magnetosphere-like interaction with the solar wind: We have already looked at the comet's ionised tail when discussing the solar wind. More detail on comets' morphology is given in a later section on comets and asteroids. There has been a lot of work on the effectson the IMF as a comet passes through it. In particular the way that the IMF field lines "wrap"themselves around a comet is still not entirely worked out:...
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The Uranian System - Neptune Neptune also has a large...

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