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Tides The Sun also has an influence on the tides, but since it is further away, it doesn't pull as strongly. However, when both the Moon and the Sun are pulling along the same axis, the tides are highest. These tides are known as spring tides , and they have nothing to do with Spring, but they occur when the Moon is either Full or New. When the Moon and Sun are 90 degrees apart from one another (during the Quarter phases) the tides are flattened out - these are the neap tides . Tides are very important for coastal regions, since in some places, you can't get a ship out of the harbor if the water level is too low. A storm that occurs during high tide could cause coastal flooding (this is often seen during hurricanes). Knowing when the high tides occur is very important for many places for a variety of reasons. Tides also have an important side effect on a planet (and its moon). The rotation rate of the Earth
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Unformatted text preview: is changing - it is slowing down - since all of this pulling and tugging is going on. Now you know why it seems like some days last forever (well, not really). The slow down has already happened with the Moon; that's why only one side of the Moon faces the Earth. In the past the Moon spun around a lot faster. The Earth's strong pull on it has locked one side of the Moon to always face the Earth. Another side effect of this slow down of the rotation of the Earth and the Moon is that the Moon has been getting further and further away from the Earth very slowly. After a few million years the length of a day on the Earth will be very long and the Moon will be visible from only one side of the Earth (and be very far away). We have a long way to go before that happens....
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