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Types of Telescopes You'll want to take another look at Figure 19. The image on the left is what your eye can see, while the one on the right is a false color image based upon radio light intensities. This is similar to what you see on the local news when they show radar images of storms. In those images the maps are color coded to show the location and concentration of rain, or snow or something similar. In astronomical images from data that our eyes can't see (like most types of light), you are seeing usually a concentration or intensity of light. The actual color of the object isn't being shown, so don't expect there to be large clouds of blue, red and green material floating out in space. It is also likely that images taken with visible light telescopes are manipulated to show certain features, and they can also be enhanced in artificial ways. So basically most modern astronomy images are "altered" in various ways to help astronomers learn specific details. The largest grouping of radio telescopes that work as if they were one large dish is found in New
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