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Types of Telescopes At UNI there are two observatories. Hillside observatory's telescope has a diameter of 16 inches, while the McCollum Science Hall telescope is 12 inches in diameter. They aren't 4 or 5 meters in size, but they are pretty nifty and relatively powerful instruments. You may be wondering how you can have multiple telescopes working together; after all, astronomers can't look through both scopes at the same time, can they? Actually, they can. In the old days they just sat behind a single telescope and used their eyes to get a view of objects. Generally they had to be pretty good artists since that was the only way to record the information. They had to make sketches of everything that they saw. Some of the sketches are pretty good, which is rather impressive considering how cold, dark and difficult it is to draw sitting behind a telescope. Life for astronomers got easier around the late 1800s, when photography became the main tool for data collecting. Previously unseen, very faint objects were
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