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Types of Telescope5 - South African Large Telescope The...

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Types of Telescopes The Keck telescopes and GTC both use multiple pieces of glass to form the main mirror. The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) is actually two mirrors, each 8.4 meters wide, and each made out of a single piece of glass. These mirrors work together, which effectively allows the collection of light to double. Very Large Telescope - the winner of the "most unoriginal name in astronomy" contest. This is a big project where not one, not two, but four telescopes were built so that they can work together to mimic an even larger scope. Each of the scopes is 8.2 meters in diameter and when they are all working together, they operate as if they were a single 16.4 meter diameter scope. The VLT is in Chile. Large Binocular Telescope - here is a view of the LBT showing the two 8.4 meter mirrors. Image courtesy of NASA Very Large Telescope - The 4 telescopes that make up the VLT are shown. Photo courtesy of the European Southern Observatory
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Unformatted text preview: . South African Large Telescope - The largest single telescope in the southern hemisphere. Photo courtesy of SALT . SALT- The names stands for South African Large Telescope. This one is designed like the GTC and Keck, so it is made of many mirror segments working together. It is about the same size as Keck, but is of course in the southern hemisphere, so that makes it the biggest single optical telescope south of the equator. While these telescopes are relatively new, the old standard for a big telescope was 4 or 5 meters in size (13 - 16 ft). This used to be the size of the "big" telescopes available for research, but with new mirror design and manufacturing processes, it is possible that 10 meter mirrors will be built in the future. Actually, some people are even working on telescopes with 30 or more meter wide mirrors! Stay tuned for record breakers in the "biggest optical telescope" race over the coming years....
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Types of Telescope5 - South African Large Telescope The...

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