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Types of Telescope6 - meters is equivalent to 34 feet So...

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Types of Telescopes Visible light reflecting telescopes are currently limited only by the weight of the mirror and the ability to aim and support them. Also the amount of money available to build such large instruments and to keep them in working order. This last item may be the only real limit that we have now on the size of telescopes - the budget. Physical limits are overcome by a unique design, such as using not just one mirror, but a bunch of little mirrors that work together and mimic one huge mirror. Also, recent methods in making the mirrors themselves lighter has helped the process. Among the largest telescopes currently in operation or currently being built are the following - The Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) is currently the largest single-surface telescope. Since making one giant mirror in not practical, this 10.4 meter wide beast is made up of 36 segmented mirrors that are placed together. And in case you are not too familiar with the metric system, 10.4
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Unformatted text preview: meters is equivalent to 34 feet. So this telescope's main mirror is a little bit wider than 34 feet. The telescope is located on the Canary Islands, off the coast of northern Africa. One of the 36 mirror segments that will go into the Gran Telescopio Canarias. The schematic for the GTC, showing the overall width of the main mirror of 10.4 meters (34.1 feet) Keck telescopes- these telescopes are nearly as big as GTC at 10 meters. What is unique here is that there are actually two telescopes, each 10 meters wide. They have the same design as GTC and are located on a mountain in Hawaii. The Keck Telescopes. The two spherical domes contain the two telescopes that make up the Keck Observatory, the observatory to the left houses the Subaru Telescope. Image courtesy of the Keck Website...
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Types of Telescope6 - meters is equivalent to 34 feet So...

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