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Types of Telescopes The first telescopes built were made up of a series of lenses, sort of like a bunch of eyeglasses lined up. These lenses would bend the light to bring it to a focus at one location. I suppose we should call these telescopes benders, hmm? No, that's not very scientific. When light is bent by passing through something like glass, it is refracted , so these early telescopes are known as refractors . Figure 14 shows you a refracting telescope design. You probably have a refracting telescope in your home even if you don't know it - that is if you own a set of binoculars, since they operate mainly by using this method. The old fashioned refractors used to be fairly popular, since it was sort of easy to make lenses. Figure 14. A refracting telescope operates by bringing light to a focus using a lens or several lenses. The light collecting area of these types of telescopes is limited. Here's a good question - why do we want to bring light to a
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