Viscous - "Viscous Interaction Besides the...

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"Viscous" Interaction Besides the merging-reconnection interaction of the solar wind plasma with the magnetosphere, there is believed also to be a "viscous" interaction setting up a vortex motion in the magnetosphere even when no merging is occurring. This interaction is due to drag on the outside of the flux tubes threof the flux tubes threading the magnetopause, caused by the solar wind passage along the flanks of the magnetosphere: The image dipole analogy In passing we can mention that another way of looking at the field shape within the magnetosphere is to consider it like the classical representation of what happens when a magnetic field is brought up to an infinitely conducting sheet; this acts as if an "image dipole" were created:
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Radiation Belts We looked previously at the motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field when we studied the IMF. The same v x B force will cause particles to spiral around the earth's magnetic field lines. motion along the field line is unimpeded and so they move in a helix alongthe field. We can
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Viscous - "Viscous Interaction Besides the...

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