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Visible Light Satellite - obtained in this method are...

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Visible Light Satellite Future Telescopes - Right now there are plans on making much larger and obviously much more powerful telescopes. As previously mentioned there are plans on making visible light telescopes that are larger than 10 meters in diameter, and even plans for the next version of the Hubble Space Telescope. While bigger telescopes may be better, there are other ways to improve images of objects, especially when viewed from the Earth where the atmosphere causes so much blurring. The latest idea is something called adaptive optics . This technique involves compensating for the blurring effects of the atmosphere by altering the light that is collected so that it is not as smeared out. This can be done in a variety of ways including, having telescopes change their shapes to compensate for the atmospheric effects. In some cases the images
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Unformatted text preview: obtained in this method are better than those obtained by the Hubble - take a look at the images shown below to see what I mean. Expect not only bigger telescopes in the future, but also much more sophisticated methods of dealing with the light - whether that involves different collecting techniques or analysis techniques, we'll just have to wait and see. Image from the Hubble Space Telescope showing a bright star and surrounding stars. Photo courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope (STScI/NASA). Image from the Very Large Telescope taken using Adaptive Optics. There are more stars visible in this view and each star is clearly seen - not blurry - since the telescope is not only larger than the Hubble, but used adaptive optics. Photo courtesy of the European Southern Observatory....
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