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Ancient observations Saturn has been known since prehistoric times. [96] In ancient times, it was the most distant of the five known planets in the solar system (excluding Earth) and thus a major character in various mythologies. Babylonian astronomers systematically observed and recorded the movements of Saturn. [97] In ancient Roman mythology , the god Saturnus , from which the planet takes its name, was the god of the agricultural and harvest sector. [98] The Romans considered Saturnus the equivalent of the Greek god Cronus . [98] The Greeks had made the outermost planet sacred to Cronus, [99] and the Romans followed suit. Ptolemy , a Greek living in Alexandria , [100] observed an opposition of Saturn, which was the basis for his determination of the elements of its orbit. [101] In Hindu astrology , there are nine astrological objects, known as Navagrahas . Saturn, one of them, is known as "
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Unformatted text preview: Shani ", judges everyone based on the good and bad deeds performed in life. [98] In the 5th century CE, the Indian astronomical text Surya Siddhanta estimated the diameter of Saturn as 73,882 miles, an error of less than 1% from the currently accepted value of 74,580 miles, for which there exist several possible explanations. [102] Ancient Chinese and Japanese culture designated the planet Saturn as the earth star (土土). This was based on Five Elements which were traditionally used to classify natural elements. [103] In ancient Hebrew , Saturn is called 'Shabbathai'. [104] Its angel is Cassiel . Its intelligence or beneficial spirit is Agiel (layga) and its spirit (darker aspect) is Zazel (lzaz). In Ottoman Turkish , Urdu and Malay , its name is 'Zuhal', derived from Arabic لحز...
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