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Classification Artistic comparison of Eris , Pluto , Makemake , Haumea , Sedna , Orcus , 2007 OR 10 , Quaoar , and Earth (scales are outdated) After Pluto's place within the Kuiper belt was determined, its official status as a planet became controversial, with many questioning whether Pluto should be considered together with or separately from its surrounding population. Museum and planetarium directors occasionally created controversy by omitting Pluto from planetary models of the Solar System. The Hayden Planetarium reopened after renovation in 2000 with a model of only eight planets. The controversy made headlines at the time. [126] In 2002, the KBO 50000 Quaoar was discovered, with a diameter then thought to be roughly 1280 kilometres, about half that of Pluto. [127] In 2004, the discoverers of 90377 Sedna placed an upper limit of 1800 km on its diameter, nearer to Pluto's diameter of 2320 km,
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Unformatted text preview: [128] although Sedna's diameter was revised downward to less than 1600 km by 2007. [129] Just as Ceres , Pallas , Juno and Vesta eventually lost their planet status after the discovery of many other asteroids , so, it was argued, Pluto should be reclassified as one of the Kuiper belt objects. On July 29, 2005, the discovery of a new Trans-Neptunian object was announced. Named Eris , it is now known to be approximately the same size as Pluto. [83] This was the largest object discovered in the Solar System since Triton in 1846. Its discoverers and the press initially called it the tenth planet , although there was no official consensus at the time on whether to call it a planet. [130] Others in the astronomical community considered the discovery the strongest argument for reclassifying Pluto as a minor p...
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