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Composition A sharp boundary divides the ancient dark terrain of Nicholson Regio from the younger, finely striated bright terrain of Harpagia Sulcus. The average density of Ganymede, 1.936 g /cm 3 , suggests a composition of approximately equal parts rocky material and water, which is mainly in the form of ice. [5] The mass fraction of ices is between 46–50%, slightly lower than that in Callisto. [30] Some additional volatile ices such as ammonia may also be present. [30] [31] The exact composition of Ganymede's rock is not known, but is probably close to the composition of L / LL type ordinary chondrites , which are characterized by less total iron , less metallic iron and more iron oxide than H chondrites . The weight ratio of iron to silicon is 1.05–1.27 in Ganymede, whereas the solar ratio is around 1.8. [30] Ganymede's surface has an albedo of about 43%. [32] Water ice seems to be ubiquitous on the surface, with a mass fraction of 50–90%, [5] significantly more than in Ganymede as a whole.
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