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Large-scale structure Sky surveys and mappings of the various wavelength bands of electromagnetic radiation (in particular 21-cm emission ) have yielded much information on the content and character of the universe 's structure. The organization of structure appears to follow as a hierarchical model with organization up to the scale of superclusters and filaments . Larger than this, there seems to be no continued structure, a phenomenon which has been referred to as the End of Greatness . [ edit ] Walls, filaments and voids DTFE reconstruction of the inner parts of the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey The organization of structure arguably begins at the stellar level, though most cosmologists rarely address astrophysics on that scale. Stars are organized into galaxies , which in turn form clusters and superclusters that are separated by immense voids , creating a vast foam-like structure sometimes called the "cosmic web". Prior to 1989, it was commonly assumed that virialized galaxy clusters were the largest structures in existence, and that they were distributed
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