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Spacecraft proposals and cancellations - thermal drill to...

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Spacecraft proposals and cancellations Plans to send a probe to study Europa for signs of liquid water and possible life have been plagued by false starts and budget cuts. [81] Europa Lander Mission concept circa 2005 - NASA Prior to EJSM, the plan for the extremely ambitious Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter (JIMO) was cancelled in 2005. [15] [81] Before that, the Europa Orbiter received a go-ahead in 1999 but was canceled in 2002. This Orbiter featured a special radar that would allow it to look below the surface. [29] Jovian Europa Orbiter was a ESA Cosmic Vision concept study from 2007. Ice Clipper mission, would have used an impactor similar to the Deep Impact mission—it would make a controlled crash into the surface of Europa, generating a plume of debris which would then be collected by a small spacecraft flying through the plume. [82] [83] More ambitious ideas have been put forward including an impactor in combination with a
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Unformatted text preview: thermal drill to search for biosignatures that might be frozen in the shallow subsurface. [84] [85] Artist's concept of the cryobot (a thermal drill) and its deployed 'hydrobot' submersible Another proposal put forward in 2001 calls for a large nuclear-powered "melt probe" ( cryobot ) which would melt through the ice until it reached the ocean below. [15] [86] Once it reached the water, it would deploy an autonomous underwater vehicle ( hydrobot ) which would gather information and send it back to Earth. [87] Both the cryobot and the hydrobot would have to undergo some form of extreme sterilization to prevent detection of Earth organisms instead of native life and to prevent contamination of the subsurface ocean. [88] This proposed mission has not yet reached a serious planning stage...
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