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Starburst galaxy - of star formation is so great for a...

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Starburst galaxy The Antennae Galaxies are an example of a very high starburst galaxy occurring from the collision of NGC 4038/NGC 4039. Credit: NASA / ESA Starburst activity in the central region of nearby dwarf galaxy NGC 1569 ( Arp 210 ). Taken by Hubble Space Telescope A starburst galaxy is a galaxy in the process of an exceptionally high rate of star formation , compared to the usual star formation rate seen in most galaxies. Galaxies are often observed to have a burst of star formation after a collision or close encounter between two galaxies. The rate
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Unformatted text preview: of star formation is so great for a galaxy undergoing a starburst that, if the rate was sustained, the gas reservoirs from which stars are formed would be used up on timescales much shorter than the age of the galaxy. For this reason, it is presumed that starbursts are temporary. Well-known starburst galaxies include M82 , NGC 4038/NGC 4039 (the Antennae Galaxies), and IC 10 ....
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