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Stratosphere The stratosphere is the middle layer of the Uranian atmosphere, in which temperature generally increases with altitude from 53 K in the tropopause to between 800 and 850 K at in the thermosphere . [48] The heating of the stratosphere is caused by the downward heat conduction from the hot thermosphere, [49] [50] as well as by absorption of solar UV and IR radiation by methane and the complex hydrocarbons formed from methane photolysis . [31] [49] The methane enters the stratosphere through the cold tropopause, where its mixing ratio relative to molecular hydrogen is about 3 × 10 –5 , three times below saturation. [23] The mixing ratio decreases to about 10 −7 at an altitude corresponding to the pressure of 0.1 mbar. [51] Hydrocarbons other than methane are present in a relatively narrow layer between 160 and 320 km in altitude, corresponding to a pressure range of 10 to 0.1 mbar and temperatures of between 100 and 130 K. [23]
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