Thermosphere and ionosphere

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Thermosphere and ionosphere The outermost layer of the Uranian atmosphere, extending for thousands of kilometres, is the thermosphere , which has a uniform temperature around 800 to 850 K. [49] [60] This is much higher than, for instance, the 420 K observed in the thermosphere of Saturn. [61] The heat sources necessary to sustain such high temperatures are not understood, since neither solar FUV / EUV radiation nor auroral activity can provide the necessary energy. [48] [60] The weak cooling efficiency due to the depletion of hydrocarbons in the stratosphere may contribute to this phenomenon. [52] In addition to molecular hydrogen , the thermosphere contains a large proportion of free hydrogen atoms , [48] while helium is thought to be absent here, because it separates diffusively at lower altitudes. [62] The thermosphere and upper part of the stratosphere contain a large concentration of ions and electrons , forming the ionosphere of Uranus. [63]
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