music recital - The 10 oclock recital was the first recital...

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The 10 o’clock recital was the first recital I have ever went it. I must say, I was quite surprised. I anticipated it to be long and boring but it was interesting and went by fast. The music choices were ones I never heard before yet I found it all peaceful. The following are the recitals and my reviews on each of them 1. Beautiful Love by Victor Love was played by the musicians as listed.- this song was played last even though it was first on the program. Then second song was played first. The composition was played slow in a relaxed manner. I observed that the guitar player was a little off, as if he was not prepared for the recital. It made it seem like the piece would have been better if the guitar was not there. 2. Etude in D Minor- this piece was the first one played. The piece was very challenging and the pianist seemed very well prepared I was quite impressed by the movement of the left hand of the pianist. It was mainly the hand that was doing the notes and mostly eight notes while the right hand was doing more of the half notes and quarter notes. At the end of the piece, I noticed a dimuendo which seemed very nice in the ear. I automatically knew a cadence was coming. 3. Allegro Appassianato (Cello)- the cellist was not confident at all. He was very anxious throughout the whole performance . he had good vibratos but he was so nervous, I was distracted. The fact that he was able to play the piece which needed fast fingers was a good thing but I didn’t think he played it and made it his. 4. Clarinet Concerto Mvt. 1 by Mozart- the musician was very confident playing this piece. She had stronger lower notes which sounded care free and forced high notes. I loved the
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music recital - The 10 oclock recital was the first recital...

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