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MAKING A REVOLUTION British colonists, march towards unity progressed from the Albany Congress to the Stamp Act Congress, and culminated in the First Continental Congress. British colonists balked at the implementation of British laws and policies that attempted to rein in the colonial horse that seemed to be on the verge of breaking free and moving towards the barn of freedom. Colonial protests took the form of boycotts against British goods, smuggling, and the Boston Tea Party. The British retaliated with the Declaratory Act, the Boston “Massacre,” and the so-called “Intolerable Acts.” Colonial leaders like Sam Adams and Paul Revere encouraged the colonists to speak out and take action against British policies. The Sons of Liberty and Committees of Correspondence arose and communications became the currency of revolution.
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Unformatted text preview: • The battle cry of no taxation without representation was rapidly being replaced by cries • for complete independence from the tyrannical control of George III. Q: After the french and indian war, describe the drastic change for england, and the relationship between the colonials and the mother country A: England gained massive amounts of land and vastly strengthened its hold on the continent. The war, however, also had subtler results. It badly eroded the relationship between England and Native Americans; and, though the war seemed to strengthen England's hold on the colonies, the effects of the French and Indian War played a major role in the worsening relationship between England and its colonies that eventually led into the Revolutionary War....
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