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WAR IS ALL HELL Q: Was Sherman’s march necessary, and what effects does it have if any on today? A: Yes, it was necessary. The idea behind Sherman’s march was to split the confederacy, while living off the land.The ultimate goal was to get to supply ships in Savannah.This would also be the first step in joining Grants army in Petersburg, while destroying whatever reb forces were still around.It was a sound military strategy, and worked well.The union under Lincoln was not
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Unformatted text preview: about revenge.After his assassination ,all bets were off, and the southern states suffered accordingly One of the better ways to win a war is to destroy the enemies morale, and make then stop fighting. The idea of a Union army, just in the South, made most of the troops feel depressed. After all they were defending the South, defending their home, when they joined the army. There is nothing to defend if the enemy is already there....
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