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DEMOCRACY AND REFORM Washington’s plea to avoid foreign war and concentrate on domestic issues may have pleased some Europeans, but it had disastrous effects on the Native Americans. Now the Indians faced the brunt of the restless spirit of the American frontiersmen and their ever-increasing appetite for more western lands. The American settlers looked longingly at the Indian lands beyond the Ohio River. The result was the eventual defeat of the northwest Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794 by General Anthony, subsequent Treaty of Greenville, which forced the Indians cede most of their claims to the Ohio country. The election of 1800 saw the reins of power pass peacefully from Adams and the Federalists to Jefferson and the Anti-Federalists, who were to become the Jeffersonians. Jefferson and Burr were deadlocked in the electoral vote for president, and only when Hamilton secured support for Jefferson was the matter resolved.
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