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THE SLAVE SOUTH Southerners often romanticized about the happy life of the slaves and were quick to point out that the typical slaves had a far better life than the factory workers in the industrial north. Overlooked were the beatings, total lack of freedom, forcible break up of families, and the racial prejudice that were woven into the very fabric of the institution of slavery. If slaves had such an idyllic life, why were there slave rebellions, an Underground Railroad system, slave catchers, and the beating and murdering of slaves by white owners? The white southern plantation owners lived in constant fear of slave rebellions, and their worst fears were realized with the Nat Turner Rebellion in Virginia in 1831. Turner was a visionary black preacher who led a rebellion that left over sixty white people dead before the rebellion was ended. The rebellion terrified the South and resulted in rigid restrictions being placed on religion and literacy for slaves throughout the South. the rebellion also gave the slaves a hero and increased agitation by the abolitionists to end
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