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WAR OF 1812 - WAR OF 1812 A tornado followed It caused a...

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WAR OF 1812 A tornado followed. It caused a lot of casualties. Armstrong insists British would strike Baltimore and not the capital. Armstrong seems to be the only person who is not fleeing Washington. Bombardment of Fort McHenry continued for more than 12 hours. British army was on a slow advance towards Baltimore British artillery bombarded Baltimore. Had the most powerful cannonball of the 18th century British burned down all government buildings except post office. British stole from the White House and burned it down Death of Ross affected British army deeply Dolly Madison was the First Lady and was beloved by the people. She was astute and charming. She risked her life and remained in the White House to secure the painting of Washington. She was last to evacuate the White house. Fort McHenry guards the water entrance to Baltimore. It was the target of the British naval army Madison connected to his people Maryland and Virginia militia defends their borders against British raids along countryside.
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