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History of Life0 - 12/19/11 History of Life 1/2

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Unformatted text preview: 12/19/11 History of Life 1/2 www2.fiu.edu/alongoriA/gly1101/recAp-cz.html Recapitulation of Ceno]oic Events Paleocene : Radiation of Mammals, birds, and insec ts. Topic al c onditions Eocene : Radiation of flowering plants, most modern mammalian orders are represented. Oligocene : Monkeys appeared, mild c limates Miocene : Apes arise, c limate c ooler, plains and grasslands Pliocene : Hominids appear, large c arnivores. Pleistocene : Ic e ages, modern humans (Genus Hm) appear Holocene (Rec ent): Human c ivilization >The marine invertebrate groups that survived the Mesozoic extinc tions diversified throughout the Cenozoic . Bivalves, gastropods, c orals, and several kinds of phytoplankton suc h as foraminifera proliferated. >During muc h of the Early Cenozoic , North Americ a was c overed by subtropic al and tropic al forests, but the c limate bec ame drier by Oligoc ene and Mioc ene time, espec ially in the mid-c ontinent region. >Birds belonging to the living orders and families evolved during the Paleogene System. Large, flightless predatory birds of the Paleogene were eventually replac ed by mammalian predators. >Evolutionary history is better known for mammals than for other c lasses of vertebrates, bec ause mammals have a good fossil rec ord and their teeth are so distinc tive. >Egg-laying mammals (monotremes) and marsupials exist mostly in the Australian region. The plac ental mammals by far the most c ommon mammals owe their suc c ess to their method of reproduc tion....
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History of Life0 - 12/19/11 History of Life 1/2

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