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Unformatted text preview: 12/19/11 horses 1/1 The UngXlaWeV ou Hoofed MammalV The term ungulate is an informal one referring to several groups of living and extinc t mammals, partic ularly the hoofed mammals that belong to the orders Artiodac tyla and Perissodac tyla. The artiodac tyls, c ommonly c alled even-toed hoofed mammals, are the most diverse and numerous, with about 170 living spec ies of c attle, goats, sheep, swine, antelope, deer, giraffes, hippopotamuses, c amels, and several others. In marked c ontrast, the perissodac tyls, or odd-toed hoofed mammals, have only 16 existing spec ies of horses, rhinoc eroses, and tapirs. During the Early Cenozoic , though, perissodac tyls were more abundant than artiodac tyls. Some defining c harac teristic s of these groups of hoofed mammals are the number of toes and how the animal's weight is borne on the toes. (Their teeth are also distinc tive.) Artiodac tyls have either two or four toes, and their weight is borne along an axis that passes between the third and fourth...
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