the history of life

the history of life - the history of life 6 Charac t erist...

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Unformatted text preview: 12/19/11 the history of life 6. Charac t erist ic s of Plant s a. T he Organi at ion of Lif e (Plant Kingdom) i. Eukar ot ic organisms ii. Manuf ac t ure t heir own f ood 1. phot os nt hesis 2. aut ot rophs (self - f eeding) b. Division of Plant s i. Presenc e or absenc e of vasc ular t issue and Habit at 1. Algae: aquat ic (marine and f resh wat er), lac k vasc ular t issue 2. T rac heoph t es (have vasc ular t issue = t rue land plant s) 3. Br oph t es (mosses and liverwort s) do not have vasc ular t issue (live on land) longoria/gly1101/plants.html 1/1 ...
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