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SECTION 3.1 53 Chapter 3 Section 3.1 1. (ii). The measurements are close together, and thus precise, but they are far from the true value of 100 C, and thus not accurate. 3. (a) True (b) False (c) False (d) True 5. (a) No, we cannot determine the standard deviation of the process from a single measurement. (b) Yes, the bias can be estimated to be 2 pounds, because the reading is 2 pounds when the true weight is 0. 7. (a) Yes, the uncertainty can be estimated with the standard deviation of the five measurements, which is 21.3
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Unformatted text preview: μ g. (b) No, the bias cannot be estimated, since we do not know the true value. 9. We can get a more accurate estimate by subtracting the bias of 26.2 μ g, obtaining 100.8 μ g above 1 kg. 11. (a) No, they are in increasing order, which would be highly unusual for a simple random sample. (b) No, since they are not a simple random sample from a population of possible measurements, we cannot estimate the uncertainty....
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