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SECTION 9.5 221 9. (a) One motor of each type should be tested on each day. The order in which the motors are tested on any given day should be chosen at random. This is a randomized block design, in which the days are the blocks. It is not a completely randomized design, since randomization occurs only within blocks. (b) The test statistic is 5 i 1 X i X 2 4 j 1 5 i 1 X ij X i X j X 2 12 . Section 9.5 1. A B C D 1 ad bd ab cd ac bc abcd The alias pairs are A BCD , B ACD , C ABD , D ABC , AB CD , AC BD , and AD BC 3. (a) Sum of Mean Variable Effect DF Squares Square F P A 23 0000 1 2116 0000 2116 0000 264 5000
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