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Theology 09-21-11 - Terms/names to identify Messiah...

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Terms/names to identify: Messiah/ messianic promise: Ark of the Covenant: Temple: Prophets: Babylonian exile: Deuteronomistic history: The second telling of the law, just repeated in a different order. 1. How do Jews and Christians interpret differently the messianic promise of 2 Samuel 7? 1000 BCE. In Judaism God takes David and says he will be the founder of the house. Thus, David’s son Solomon is to be the next king and he will build a temple in Jerusalem. This temple is the Jewish center of worship and has been destroyed twice, last by the Romans for which it has never been rebuilt again. Today in Jerusalem temples are no longer allowed to be built because a mosque stands in its place today and is the center for the Islamic people. If it were torn down, a war would break out. They look at this text as a Messiah who will come again and restore this temple and bring the Hebrew people back from exile. Christianity reads the text as an interpretation of the story of Jesus. They look at the kingdom as the kingdom of God that will last forever and they will see the second coming of Christ once they are in heaven.
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