Theology 09-28-11 - Terms to identify Sheol You cease to...

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Terms to identify: Sheol: You cease to exist before God in the afterlife then you cease to exist at all. Essentially it is a shady glum region of the afterworld because you don’t believe there is any other life but the present one. Second Temple period: The time when the temple was knocked over by the Romans. Diaspora: The Jewish people dispersed from their homeland and living voluntarily in foreign lands. They analogy is assimilation of foreigners into American culture by learning English. After some generations the Jewish people were not taught Hebrew because it was not passed on by their ancestors in fear of punishment. Deuterocanonical books: 7 of these books that are accepted by the Catholic Orthodox church and are accepted as the word of God. Septuagint: After generations of living in diaspora many Jewish people did not pass on the Hebrew language and the bible then had to be transferred into Greek which was called Septuagint. Hellenization: When the Jewish people take on the culture of the foreign land they are residing in by learning to speak their language. They also adopt the Greek culture. Martyrdom:
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Theology 09-28-11 - Terms to identify Sheol You cease to...

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