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Theology 09-30-11: The New Testament 27 books all written in Greek so they are more universally acceptable. The four main divisions are gospels, acts, epistles and revelation. Gospels are faith based stories of Jesus and are written from people that believe Jesus is the son of God. Likewise they are written for people who believe he is the son of God as well. Acts , are the only historical book in the New Testament and offers an account of the deeds of the apostils after the resurrection. Epistles have a theological content and are meant to preach the message of Jesus. They also address problems that current communities are having and try to open people’s eye to the negativities of selfishness. Revelation has its own style of literature called Apocalyptic Literature. The symbolic language looks ahead to the future and the final battle between good and evil. Ultimately states that those who pledge their faith in God will be vindicated in the afterlife. The authors of the New Testament are Mark, Mathew, Luke and John.
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