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Theology 10-05-11 Mark Reading Continued: (6-10) Jesus often goes to deserted places to pray because then he can finally be away from the crowds and people clamoring at him to heal them. Jesus has power over nature which is described in chapter four when he calms the storm. The theme of misunderstanding is applied in the Gospel of Mark to the apostles because even though they see him all the time and hear his teachings they still do not understand who he is. Jesus at times becomes frustrated with this. Jesus has power over life which is seen when he tells a man to not be afraid that his daughter died but to just have faith. Then the girl rises, walks around and the people are astounded. This is a foreshadowing of the resurrection! Jesus is rejected in his own town of Nazareth because the people believe his is acting as if he is better than everyone he left behind. He cannot perform miracles because they do not have faith. The account of the death of John the Baptist. He is preaching that king Harried has
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