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The Acts of the Apostles: The only book written as a sequel to the Gospels and was written by the same author who wrote the gospel of Luke. Tells the story of what happens to the apostles after the resurrection of Jesus. Begins with the ascension of Jesus and the beginning of the apostles to go out and preach about the Lord. Even after the resurrection the apostles ponder what the meaning behind everything is and ask if Jesus will kick the Romans out now. Jesus returns as the Father and descends The Holy Spirit upon the people, which motivates them to teach. The Holy Spirit transforms them from cowardly people to those with courage. It allowed them to all speak in foreign tongue and thus is symbolic of motivating them to go out and speak the word of God. All the apostles would speak different languages so that everyone would be able to hear the word of God. Major theme is that the message of Jesus is not merely for the Jewish people but also for the Gentiles. Paul also describes the need for interpretation when speaking in tongues.
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