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Discussion of the Church Continued: Church: The community of believers who continue the mission and sacramental presence of Christ in the world. Four Notes of the Church found in the Nicene Creed………. 1. One : “I pray not only for these but also for those who believe in me through their word that they may be one.” (Jesus wants all his followers to be one. Unfortunately, in today’s world this is not found and is broken through schism or a deficiently. The three major movements in schism are the ones that occurred after the Ecumental counsels which included an Aryan church, a Nestorian church and a Monophocyte church (Protestant). “The Great Schism” which occurs in 1054 brings the Western church to be known as the Roman Catholic Church instead. “Philioque ” was an idea that Jesus was only the father and the son. This belief was taken by the Pope in an attempt to add it into the Bible but this was opposed and thus the church split into Western and Eastern. The movement of
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