Theology 10-31-11 - Study Guide for Augustine's...

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Study Guide for Augustine's Confessions, Chapter. 1 Telling God the story of his life and consequently telling how God was present in each stage of his life, even in sin. Augustine’s mother was Christian and his father was Pagan. 1. What is the style that Augustine uses to address God in the opening pages? (Note that pp. 3-6 are highly philosophical. This style does not continue throughout the whole book, so don't be discouraged. ...) He speaks as if he were having an actual one sided conversation with God. He poses a multitude of rhetorical questions and continues to discuss the amount of God within the world. Asks why God makes people fall in love with him and then bestows miseries upon their lives. “Speak before your mercy, for I am but dust and ashes”. He is talking to God from a present perspective but then goes back and forth between that and his past. He contrasts the greatness of God with the littleness of human beings. Nevertheless it is man’s desire and spiritual impulse to reach out to the source of our being. “And our heart is restless until it rests in you”. Where is God in the material universe? He raises a lot of questions but never answers
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Theology 10-31-11 - Study Guide for Augustine's...

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