Theology 11-28-11 Eucharist Sacrament

Theology 11-28-11 Eucharist Sacrament - Theology 11-28-11:...

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Theology 11-28-11: Sacraments Continued Baptism brings about the cleansing of sin while confirmation to the confirmation of the person to commit to their faith. Eucharist is the final of the three sacraments of initiation. It symbolizes the continual reminder of the death of Christ of the cross and the significance of our faith. In Greek Eucharist means “thanksgiving” and is the central act of praise and worship preformed every Sunday. The unleavened bread and the wine are used to symbolize the connection with the Passover meal. Leaved bread is used in Eastern Orthodox Church and some other places to symbolize the difference and break from Judaism. Wine in the Catholic religion is required to be made from grapes and have alcoholic remnants so it is sacred. The proper minister during this sacrament would be a priest acting as the sacramental representation of Christ on the alter, so he represents Christ and the view of the Eucharist. In Eastern churches the Eucharist and wine are all mushed together and distributed on a spoon to the tongue of the person. Once the Eucharist is consecrated it is transubstation and is blessed no matter where it is taken. The Eucharist helps us remember the death of Christ and is also referred to as the communion. By receiving the body, the Christian community becomes the body of Christ. The Eucharist is seen commonly as a sacred meal which once again references the last super. The Eucharist is seen in the Roman Catholic tradition as a sacrifice. Christ and the
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Theology 11-28-11 Eucharist Sacrament - Theology 11-28-11:...

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