Theology 11-30-11 Sacrament of Holy Orders and Marriage

Theology 11-30-11 Sacrament of Holy Orders and Marriage -...

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The Sacrament of the Holy Orders: Three holy orders include deacon, priest and bishop. Deacons were original chosen to distribute food to the poor so they could focus on teaching. Today they substitute for the priest in ceremonies when they are not necessary. Also they may perform the homily if the priest is too busy. Priests are the most common of the Holy Orders. He consecrates the Eucharist. Bishops acts as an overseer to others. They are seen as an accessory of the apostles and are the highest power of these 3 holy orders. “Laying Hands” upon one is the act which is performed during induction of all three of these positions. The form for each of the sacramental rituals is a lengthy prayer. Always administered by a bishop so they may chose the successors of the church. 3 bishops ordain other new bishops to maintain apostolic succession. Priest gives the promise of celibacy and means to obey the bishop. Priests do receive a small amount of money.
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