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Theology 12-05-11 Natual Law Continued

Theology 12-05-11 Natual Law Continued - Theology Natural...

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Theology 12-05-11 Natural Law Continued: Christians do participate in the Natural Law through a standpoint of faith. Because we are created in the image and likeness of God, each human being has dignity that must be respected because it is an expression of our humanity. Human beings are moving towards a goal that contributes to moving us towards or away from God. Our final judgment is based on our response to God’s grace (doing what is good or doing what is bad). The three theological notions are grace, creation and judgment. The primary economic form in Europe was still agricultural and some people are forced into this work without anything to protect them. Karl Marx wanted to solve the problem above with communism where everything belongs to everyone. Thus all the good would be distributed to everyone and the theoretically the factory owners would work better because it was there company and they needed to work. However this goes against natural law because that idea states that
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