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Theology: 09-09-11 Themes of Salvation History: 1. God : The Tribune (Father, Son and The Holy Spirit) God exists and is the source of all creation. Human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. 2. Sin : Human beings disrupted their relationship with God through sin. Henceforth all human beings are subject to suffering and death. 3. Covenant : God enters into a bonded partnership with the people of Israel. 4. Christ : In order to restore human beings in a right relationship with God, the Word becomes flesh in the person of Christ. Through the Cross, death and resurrection of Christ, human beings receive life with God. 5. Church : The Church continues the mission of Christ, and meditates his grace through its preaching, sacraments and witness. (Happening in the present) 6. Grace : Each individual human beings needs to respond to the grace of God in order to grow in holiness and be united with God. (Happening in the present) 7. Eschatology : Our choices in this life have an effect on our eternal destiny, including
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