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Liz Wiesner Theology Response 09-20-11 Exodus 21:23-25 contains the lex talionis, "an eye for an eye." Leviticus 20 contains the death penalty for several immoral actions. To what degree do you think that the spirit of these laws should continue to be used today (e.g. in capital punishment cases)? When looking at the bible we see that one of the things God states is punishment should be an “eye for an eye”, this meaning that those who harm others should have the same type of harm inflicted upon them in return. This method of consequences can be seen in present day society when discussing the death penalty. Just as God told the people to follow these stipulations when deciding the fate of another, it is an option in some states that if a person’s crime is severe enough then they must suffer the ultimate punishment; death. On the other hand, even though the bible states this plain and clear, Christianity is gradually moving towards
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Unformatted text preview: abandoning capital punishment and urging life imprisonment instead. In my opinion this shift is a positive one and should be implemented into each state’s laws. I believe that the only person who has the right to choose life or death for a person is God. Even though death may give justice to the family of the victim, I think it would leave them feeling guilty and would make them no better than the criminal. Economically speaking it would cost less to do away with the death penalty and keep the person imprisoned for the rest of their life. Similarly, it would do a lot more pain to the criminal for them to have to sit in a solitary room everyday while they mull over their crime then to give them an easy way out to heaven. Overall, even though this statement is imbedded within the text, I think we need to consider abolishing capital punishment and looking for ulterior ways to penalize the criminals without taking away their life....
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