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Slide 22 Alssalmu aliikom all . I'm your sister sara . As my friends said we decide to working on university transportation system, so now I'll talk about requirement analysis phase . Slide 23 As you see here functional requirement . . I think all of us know what we mean by functional requirement , right ? Any one need to explain it ?! Good, so . . what is the input for UTS ? this system have 2 interfaces . one for who has ID's like instructors and students and the other for they didn't have ! So as you see admins and students have to enter their id's and passwords to using the system and the other like visitor just have to enter their names . May you ask why names ?! that's just for being user friendly when the welcome message appear with their names After that they will decide what they want the system to do . and the most common thing they will ask it to enter start and destination points for selecting the path . Slide 24
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