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Final Essay - Essay The policy of the containment during...

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Essay: The policy of the containment during the Cold War. To counter Soviet and communist expansion, the Truman and his aides chose a policy of containment in 1947. The policy of containment is U.S. policy uniting military, economic, and diplomatic strategies to prevent the spread of Soviet communism and to enhance America’s security and influence abroad. Invoking the containment doctrine, the United States in 1947 and 1948 began to build an international economic and defensive network to protect American prosperity and security and to advance U.S. supremacy. The policy was successful in building an international network by aiding European reconstruction and having communists removed from governments, as in Italy and France. American culture flooded European societies. First response to a British request for American aid against leftist insurgents in Greece and Turkey, Truman announced his commitment to stopping communism. Truman doctrine was the U.S. policy designed to contain the spread of communism. Then in 1948 Secretary of State Marshall lunched the Marshall Plan, which was the Truman administration’s proposal for massive U.S. economic aid to speed the recovery of war-torn Europe. To stimulate business at home, the legislation required that Europeans spend this aid on American-made products. The program urged impressive western European industrial production and investment, started the region toward self-sustaining economic growth, and contained communism. Truman streamlined U.S. defense by working with Congress on the National Security Act of 1947 which unified the armed forces under a single agency and gave the president increased powers regarding foreign policy. To Stalin, Marshall Plan raised anew the specter of capitalist penetration. Stalin tightened his grip on Eastern Europe by engineering a coup in Czechoslovakia in February 1948 that ensured full soviet control, which heightened anxiety in the United States. In response to Soviets cut off western land access to the city of Berlin in the fear of Germany tied to the
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Final Essay - Essay The policy of the containment during...

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