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24. Anorexia nervosa can also be characterized as a:: binge eating and purging type disorder. 25. Anthropometric data is collected in order to:: compare measurements to standards specific for each gender. 26. As a general rule, in comparing energy density of foods:: foods with a high energy density are more likely to lead to weight gain. 27. Because an enzyme does not change its chemical structure but promotes other chemical reactions it is called:: a catalyst. 28. Biotin plays a critical factor in the metabolic pathway of which compound?: oxaloacetate 29. Conversion of the active metabolite of vitamin D occurs in the:: kidneys. 30. Dietary antioxidants help to minimize tissue damage by:: stimulating enzyme repair activity. 31. Diets that have a greater percentage of fat cause the body to:: break down protein in order to meet necessary glucose needs. 32. Even though large doses of leucine, isoleucine and valine can lead to increased serum ammonia levels, they may prove useful for:: individuals who have liver disease. 33.
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