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48. Microwaves should not be used as a preferred cooking method for foods that are high in vitamin: B12 49. Of all of the compounds listed below, only ________ is active in the human body as a source of vitamin E activity.: alpha-tocopherol 50. Of the following statements regarding fad diets, which is considered to be factual?: Success stories are anecdotal in nature. 51. Prediabetes can be defined as a serum blood glucose of:: 115 mg/dL 52. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs):: have been shown to have an effect on lipid metabolism. 53. Storage forms of glucose in living things are:: glycogen and starch. 54. Symptoms associated with riboflavin deficiency include:: cracks at the corners of the mouth. 55. The action of bacterial enzymes on fiber in the large intestines causes:: the release of short-chain fatty acids. 56. The action of ghrelin is to:: enhance appetite. 57. The action of hydrochloric acid in the stomach on protein results in:: denaturation 58. The alcohol form of vitamin A is also known as::
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