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74. The warning label that appears on Nutrasweet is necessary to prevent problems:: for individuals with PKU. 75. Two meals are available, each with equal caloric value, but one has a calculated energy density of 1.1 kcal/g whereas the other has a calculated energy density of 3.5 kcal/g. When making your dietary choice which statement would provide you with the most information to make your selection?: Meals with a lower energy density include a wider variety of foods when compared with higher-energy density meals of the same caloric value. 76. Upon evaluation of an individual using the HEI (Healthy Eating Index) a score of 75 is noted. How would you interpret this finding?: Some improvement is needed for the individual to be able to meet their dietary recommendations for most nutrients. 77. Vitamin D deficiency often occurs in conjunction with ________ deficiency.: calcium 78. What protective mechanism helps to prevent erosion in the stomach?: mucus secretion 79. What transport process accounts for the absorption of water?: simple diffusion
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