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93. Which of the following best describes the action of the pancreas with respect to digestive secretions?: Bicarbonate is released to neutralize gastric acidity. 94. Which of the following clotting disorders has no relationship to vitamin K?: hemophilia 95. Which of the following constituent products is not found in bile?: magnesium 96. Which of the following foods is considered to be a legume?: lentils 97. Which of the following is a key recommendation of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005?: Cook foods to a safe internal temperature. 98. Which of the following nutrients does NOT function as an antioxidant?: niacin 99. Which of the following statements applies to estimating energy requirements for individuals?: Energy equations factor in height and weight when estimating energy requirements. 100. Which of the following statements best describes dose levels and effects of nutrients?: Higher doses can result in harm once the optimal effect is seen 101. Which of the following statements is accurate regarding nutrient
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